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Problem Editing Files Before Burning



Mac Toast 9 user having trouble figuring out how to edit transferred TIVO files before burning. Page 99 of manual has little in the way of details, no step by step guide, and there are no third party books out, yet. Roxio has instructions on "burning and exporting TIVO files" but nothing after that (http://kb.roxio.com/content/kb/Toast/000046T?set-locale=en). I'm clicking and dragging on the arrows but still not able to figure out exactly how to use the editing interface. There's no cropping button, and only "copy" appears highlighted under the EDIT menu.


Would appreciate some help here. Can anyone point to a FAQ with instructions, or can provide more details about how to use the editing function? Thanks..




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The editing feature after the 9.0.4 update is SO much better and I figured out how to use it without any documentation. Prior to the update, it was too finicky and difficult to get the cut points placed well to crop out commercials -- but now it works perfectly.


To edit a file, you need to bring the .tivo file into Toast 9 and click the "Edit" button next to the item as shown in Toast on either the DVD or Convert screens -- depending on what you're doing (DVD for making a DVD and Convert for placing it on an iPod, iPhone, AppleTV, etc.


The first edit screen allows you to change the name of the video -- but this dialog also has an Edit button. Click this second Edit button to edit the video


The video will open in the Toast Video Player but with the editing options available (at the bottom of the video frame). Click the triangle at the bottom to place the beginning/ending markers on the time bar and spread them apart to surround the part you want removed. You can use the left and right arrows on the keyboard to move the cursor. Check the "Fine" box to make smaller movements. Under the toolbar are individual frames upon which you can click to place the playhead at that precise frame.


After you've done one commercial and want to get the next one, click on the play bar itself to move to a different place. When you're where you want to start to crop out, click the triangle at the bottom again to place another set of markers. Extend the marker area to mark out the next commercial.


Repeat until you've got them all. Be sure to use "Save" when you're finished. Quit from the Toast Video Player and when you're returned to Toast 9, you'll see that the duration of your video (as shown in the Edit dialog) has changed.


Proceed with making your DVD or your conversion -- and the resulting video will be cropped appropriately.


I only played around with the Convert function since I didn't want to burn a DVD just to see -- but the converted file was nearly perfect with regard to the edits I made


- Bob

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Ok bob i've done all that placing my marks that I want to remove now my question is HOW DO YOU REMOVE THEM????? I HIT THE DELETE BUTTON ON MY KEYBOARD AND THE CUT OPTION IS GRAYED OUT? WHAT DO I DO

The marks only mark what won't be included in the edited recording when it's converted or burned. Save the program with the edit marks and then do a conversion (or burn to a disk image) so that you don't waste any media while you're experimenting


By the way, you should see the elapsed time of the clip decrease accordingly when you return back to Toast after saving your video with the clip markers in it


- Bob

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