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Dvd Playback Problematic Wtih Cineplayer



When attempting to play a DVD studio movie in CinePlayer 5.0 (part of Roxio Creator 2009), I get a blocky mosaic mess with a lot of green. The audio plays, but the video is unwatchable. The same DVD movie plays back fine on Windows Media Player 11 and Cyberlink PowerDVD. There's really no reason why this should be. Very disappointed in Roxio. Do I have to buy a separate Roxio DVD decoder (I have the Nvidia decoder, among others)? My stats are:


HARDWARE: Intel Quad-Core 3.0Ghz 9650, Asus P5E64SW w/BIOS 5.06 (most recent), ATI HD4850 video card with Catalyst driver 8.9 (most recent), LG DVD player (most recent firmware).

SOFTWARE: MCE 2005, updated to SP3 along with a full windows update including WMP 11, Nvidia Decoder for MCE, Roxio Creator 2009 with CinePlayer 5.0.

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I solved my issue. In Cineplayer, you need to go to Settings > Video, and under Hardware Acceleration, choose "Off". Sweet.




Yes, that has been a solution for many. Did you get it from playing around , from the KB article or from these forums?

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