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Trouble With Disc Copy



Hi, people.

I'm a devoted fan of Roxio products, in my opinion EMC 7.5 was - by far - the best version ever made, principally because the projects for audio CD can be much better than the newest versions. The 'Edit track transitions' from Creator Classic is very powerful on 7.5 and it's incredible how Roxio could do a bad work on the next versions. It's unbelievable that is not possible to do a cool audio project with all versions after 7.5. It's really a pity! Well, this was what for a long time I would like to say.


Now, I have a problem with Disk Copy (Roxio 2009). I tried to copy an audio CD but I've got this error:




When I copy data files, the soft works fine. Only causes error on audio copies.


This is my computer: AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5200+, 2600 Mhz, Windows Vista Ultimate, 4 GB RAM Memory.


I have Roxio 2009 and EMC 7.5 installed in the same computer I use. I wonder why I can copy an audio CD with EMC 7.5 but I can't with Roxio 2009.


With all my respect, the so called 'clean install' seems like a joke. Must I install Roxio 2009 on the default system directory? If yes, why Roxio permits to change the directory in the act of installation?


I really would like to get a real solution for my problem, because I love all Roxio products, specially the Media Creator series. I refuse to use the similar products from the competition.


With all respect, a solution, please.


Thanks in advance, for this very cool place and sorry for my bad English: I try to write in the best way I can.

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