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Chapter Problems


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I am making a DVD of a wedding and want it split into chapters. I have edited the raw movie into parts and added the parts to DVD builder. The movie plays perfect in the screening room and if I view the project simulation by clicking the movie preview button, it also plays perfect. Watching either one, (screening room or project simulation), you can advance, or go back to the next chapter.... no problem....until I burn it.


After the DVD is burnt, the movie plays fine, but when I click to go to next chapter, nothing happens, it just keeps on playing. I have tried it on my home DVD player, and 3 different computer players and NONE of them will advance to the next chapter. I also tried playing on the computer I burnt it on using the ROXIO DVD player, chapters still do not work. I have tried burning it SEVERAL times, all with the same results.


Anyone have any ideas??? THANKS in advance!!!!

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Try other Players…


Chapters are pretty simple in V6 – it was the one and only one that worked this way!


Every time you Split the movie in the Screening Room, it actually creates a new file.


These Split points become chapter points in your burned project.


The fact that they do work one place, your PC, indicates it is a Player problem. A quality brand of media, such as Verbatim, may help.


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Thanks for the reply!! I own a audio recording studio, so I have access to professional grade blank media, BUT because I have not been able to get it to work, I have tried several different brands of blank DVD's all with the same results. And I have tried two different burners, a Plextor and a Pioneer, both same results.


The ONLY place the chapters work correctly is in the ROXIO DVD Creator software, BEFORE the burn. After it is burned to a DVD, I have never gotten it to work in ANY DVD player.... not even the ROXIO DVD player on the computer I am using to burn it.


This might be a related problem, I am also having problems with errors. It will usually ruin 2 or 3 DVD's before it will burn one good one. It does this on both DVD burners. Again this happens will all media brands, and both burners.


THANKS for your help!!!

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