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hello , Ive just installed roxio 2009 I used to have lightscibe on nero...roxios arch enemy! :rolleyes: I have an asus lightscribe drive I ploughed through all the help menus but no lightscribe to be found anywhere and believe me I ve looked can anyone tell me how to install this , the only thing I could find was epson printers no other make or any means to print directly onto lightscribe cds/dvd discd, do I need a pluggin as nero uses or what? :blink: thanks Im off now to whinge that cine player wont open up! :angry:

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Ensure you have installed Lightscribe system software (Lightscribe.com) before you can see the drive in Labeling apps like Label Creator and Express Labeler.

Thank you for your reply much appreciated , can you please clarify , Am I correct to assume I simply go to lightscribe .com and just download the lightscribe software , forgive me for appearing stupid but installing lightscribe to nero was easy simple download and install , I have never used roxio for a very long time , never having the need to add lightscribe until now , after several pc rebuilds I appear to have things not perfect but reasonable , I dont want to make a mess of things by incorrectly installing any download which might break roxio , I wanted to check before I do , is there a special version for roxio creator 2009 , or can the one i used originally for nero 6 be used thanks so in short download install burn images?? :blink:

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1. Download and install the Lightscribe System software

2. Reboot

3. Launch Lightscribe Control Panel and go to System Information tab to confirm the drive is recognized

4. Now launch Label Creator and verify if you have access to Print to your Lightscribe drive.


Not sure how Nero works, never need to use it. Roxio works flawlessly.

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