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Button Highlighting Lost When Using Custom Menu Style



If I use a custom menu style, I lose the button

highlighting on each menu in Preview and on the

burned disc so that I don't know which button

will be "hit" when I hit OK on the remote.


I created a simple DVD project. It has two

chapters. I started with the "Stripe" Menu Style

because it is the least offensive. I modified the

background, button fonts, font colors, and font

sizes. I tested this in Preview and in the preview

the movie icon is highlighted. In the chapter menu

one chapter with its icon is highlighted. So, I save

this Menu Style so I don't have to create it over

and over again.


Started a new project with Stripe as my Menu Style

with multiple chapters. Tested the Project with

Preview and I get highlighted button in each menu.

I change the menu style to my newly-saved style.

Enter Preview. No button is highlighted. If I hit OK,

one seems to be logically-highlighted, but it is not

visibly-highlighted. Because if I use the arrows,

and hit OK, it appears I did change the button that

is "hit" when I hit OK.


So, presuming I broke something, I took the same

project and changed its style back to Stripe as the

Menu Style. Then, I determined with Preview that

the button-highlighting was back. I manually made

the changes to the project equal to my new Style. I

enter Preview and on each menu page, a button is

visibly highlighted and changes as I navigate with

the arrow keys on the remote.


Guessing it might be something weird about my

project, I took the simple project I created above

for the Menu Style creation and changed its style

back to Stripe. Preview shows the highlighting

works fine. I changed the style to my new style.

Preview shows the highlighting is broken.


Guessing it was something weird about one of my

template changes that made it break, I set the

Menu Style of my simple project back to Stripe.

Previewed and verified the highlighting worked.

I saved the UNCHANGED template as Stripe2.

Then, I changed the menu style of the project to

Stripe2. Preview shows the highlighting does not

work anymore.


So, if I want a button to be highlighted on each of

my menus, it appears I can't use a CUSTOM saved

style on the project. That means I have to manually

cobble together the style for every DVD I create

if I don't want one of the styles provided.




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The only thing I could think of is the default 'highlight' color for stripes must be fairly close to the color of the new custom background image you selected. This would effectively make the highlight disappear although it is there. On my machine, that color is a very dark purple.


Just curious -- are you using the enter key at the end of line? I use a high rez monitor and your posts are formatted strange.

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Thanks for the reply!


No, it is not related to the background color. Even with Stripe2 (as I described earlier), which is identical to the Stripe Menu Style that comes with EMC8 in all ways including color, the problem occurs. Since the color of the background of Stripe2 is light grey, the purple highlighting would not have any trouble appearing. Even with a solid black background (when I do the stylling manually), the purple highlighting is quite visible.


I am pretty confident there is a bug in the application of a Custom Menu Style based upon Stripe. I could try basing a Custom Style upon another one of the ones provided by EMC8 and test it all over. But I am limited in how much time I can spend isolating the bug when I have a work-around. I can work around it by not using a Custom Menu Style and by applying all style changes manually to each DVD project I do.


Yes, I am hitting ENTER at the ends of lines. Sorry about that. I will try to stop. I learned typing when there was no such thing as wrap-around.




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I know it seems to be a 'bug', but Roxio can't fix something they can't find. Unless they can duplicate the problem, it would be impossible to fix. I make custom menus all the time and haven't have any problems yet.


I know it may seem strange, but make sure you have updated video drivers and the latest DirectX.

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