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Photo Editing In Photo Suite



Hello once again. You may think I'm dense but this Creator 2009 is getting the best of me. I have approximately 540 photos in a file in "pictures" relating to my recent vacation. They are, combined, 1.03 GB. When I try to bring them into Photosuite it tells me that I need to free up some space or some such nonsense. I have a 640 GB Hard Drive with over 450 GB free. How can that be? Unless there is a maximum size for the program.

Then there's the "Saving" issue. I tried just bringing 10 photos in. I edited them and went to save them. It seem to have only saved the first photo. The Roxio Creator users guide just doesn't go into enough detail as a step by step by step would.


Please, any help in this regard will be appreciated.

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There was a similar discussion here



Have you tried the Save All button? I don't usually open that many images in PhotoSuite, and I haven't tried it in 2009, yet.


Edit: I get the same message, to free up space to add more images. I don't know why it does, since it will let me add more, a few at a time. Save All is working as it should in 2009 for me.


Also, depending on what you are doing, some of the more common photo-editing tasks are automated in Multi Photo Enhance (found in Media Manager) and can be done many at a time.

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