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Mac Os Error Code -5001





I run Toast 8.0.4 on Mac OS X v.10.5.5. The computer is a G4 (FW800) with dual 1,25 GHz. The burner is an extern FireWire LaCie, recognized by Toast as TSSTcorpCDDVDW SH-S203N.




I have tried several times to burn a dual layer disc, Maxell DVD+R 2.4x speed, with this result :-(

Any ideas what causing this error? What to do to solve the problem?




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I had the same issues running the same version of Mac OS and Toast. I've been looking everywhere for the reason, but it only happens with one brand of DL discs: Memorex DVD-R DL [RW].


I have found though that if the disc errors around 100%, there is a good chance the disc still works fine in a DVD player. If it's close (ie. around 97 or 98) you can leave it for a little while longer and it actually finishes some more. I need to test with a different breand DL disc that are not RW's and see what happens. The Regular cheap Staples & memorex discs work fine if they aren't DL though.



Ronnie :huh:

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Also check if a firmware update is available from LaCie and contact LaCie to ask which DL media they have tested as being supported by their drive.


I have checked for a firmware update, but it seems I have the latest version. Will check other media and see if that will do the thing in combination with burning from a disc image.

Thanks for your input!

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