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Audio Problems In Project



Hello everyone! I am a newbie here and have searched pages of topics but can't seem to find anything that fits my problem, so I am posting it here for some help.


I am capturing video clips from a Sony DVC camcorder and assembling the clips in the storyboard section to create a DVD. I have both live video and jpg pictures in the project. My problem is that when I bring my selected video clips in that were all captured at the same time (8 total), the first two do not play audio, but the remaing six do play the native audio. I now the audio is on the problem child clips because I can preview the clip in Windows Movie Maker and Windows Media Player, but in the timeline mode on Roxio, it is just a single line for the native audio for these two clips, where the other clips show the yellow audio sound.


I have rebooted and recaptured the clips, and I get the same problem. Does it matter where I place these clips as they are the first two right after the still images?


Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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