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Roxio Creator 09 Won't Instal On My Sys





I bought the Roxio creator 2009 about a week ago, ok first off it was delivered late, secondly it came in a DHL envelope which contained just one dvd when i was expecting a package similar to the one in the photo on the roxio home site before i purchased it! Anyway, i tried installing the disc but before the installation was complete this came up " You must install roxio easy media creator 10 before installing the content " i have vista OS and i'm very upset about this! The reason for me mentioning the way it was delivered is because someone asked a similar question only that they were trying to install emc8 and the response to their question was that they didn't have both disks!


I'm thinking i didn't get the entire package, please correct me if im wrong! If i am, can i please be advised as to what my next move should be to get my program up and running!

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Hi Star,

First, it would be better to post this in the 2009 forum. You will get faster replies.


Second, there should be a suite disc and a content disc. I would notify Roxio direct. These boards are manned by posters, much like yourself, not Roxio employees. They do stop in now and then, but I feel this problem should be brought to the attention of Customer Service.

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