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What Options Are Available?



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I am interesting in purchasing the CinePlayer DVD Decoder Pack plugin however I was wondering if it came included with any of your other products. I figured I might as well get the most bang for my buck.

Fact is the users here have Creator 2009 Authoring software.


While CinePlayer is included we don't really know how our version relates to the one in the store.


As I see it there are 3 choices.



I am guessing you are referring to the top one??? From what it says, it is a $15 plug in that adds ability to Windows Media Player on a Vista PC.


The 2nd ones (there are 2 choices) are stand alone Players that is essence replace WMP for viewing DVD Movies. WMP will not play any DVD Movie right out of the box. But it does not appear to come with the plug in to give WMP that ability.


If that doesn't help you, by all means ask what I didn't cover!


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I guess my situation is really this:


I used to have a sony vaio that crashed. I bought a cheap refurbished Dell Optiplex so I could fiddle around with it and try to teach myself some things. I harvested the DVD +RW out of the Vaio and loaded it into my Dell. I found that I was unable play DVDs because I lacked the appropriate decoder. (See? I'm learning already). In any case, Windows suggested several options, one of which was the Cineplayer Plug in for Windows XP. It is a $14 dollar plug in. I'm perfectly happy to buy this plug in and move on. But I'm wondering if there is something else I'll need to burn the DVDs too and if so, woudl that product contain the plug in to view them or would it be an additional purchase.


Let me know if you have any thoughts. I appreciate your help!





P.S...my original post was into the "Sales Group" someone moved it into this forum, so if this isn't the appropriate group, please give me suggestions for where a better location would be.


Thanks again,


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