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Very Jerky Dvd Palyback



I have tried every possible setting on export and playback from Avid system and DVDit ProHD. This started happening AFTER upgrading to most recent DVDit ProHD version.


The resulting SD DVD has a very jerky motion and it aliased as hell, but the export from AVid is as smooth as a babies butt in AVid and when the export file is played in Nero Vision or Windows Media Player, so the problem has to be with DVDit. Again, the video playes fine in everything I can play it with, but when imported in DVDit ProHD, the video becomes very jerky and aliased.

I have attached photos to show the difference.


Avid export image as seen in Nero and Windows Media player




Here it is after imported into DVDit ProHD




The resulting DVD is UNUSABLE! It looks like it was shot with someone who was going into convulsions!

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so preview and transcoding are separate in DVDit. in the preview you are clearly seeing a field order/interlacing issue. can't really speak to what is happening in transcoding. What is the media that you are importing into DVDit, a QT file? A QT reference file?



Yes, it is a QT Reference file. The final DVD looks like the preview, but is also very jumpy. I've tried every other way of export and it just doesn't seem to work. The video will look fine and play fine in any program I choose to play it with, but when I import into DVDit ProHD, it is very jumpy and "aliased". I had noticed that EVERY DVD I have created with a QTREF is jumpy in DVDit, but it always looks OK and authors just fine. Note: This project is NOT an HD project like most of the others that I do. The original footage was 640X480. I have used this before with no problems. I had though maybe there was an interlace issue or something, but that doesn't explain why it plays fine in anything I choose to play it with, but doesn't work in DVDit.

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