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Why Is This Happening...what Does This Mean



I download my videos using Windows MovieMaker and create DVDs using Sonic DigitalMedia/My DVD 7.

This is the full version of My DVD, which I purchased to replace the limited version that came with my HP Multi-Media computer.


There is a big difference between the trial version and the full version, and it's driving me nuts.


In both cases, I choose video through Add Files and burn my DVD. With the trial version, I could then make a second copy of the same material by putting a new DVD in my computer and hitting BURN.


But with the new version, following the same steps, it will appear to be burning but in the end I get an error message: ACCESS DENIED----16000.


To get a second copy I have to create a new project, add the files again and change the file name slightly then click BURN.


Is there a link that explains what ACCESS DENIED---16000 means and does anyone have any advice on why this is happening and how/if I can prevent it. Thank you for taking the time to read my issue.

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There was a topic on this some while ago which might help. The writer "Kevin J" seems to be a Sonic person, since he writes about "our knowledgebase", and he knows things we don't.




In the meantime, here might be a work-around in case you can't solve the Access Denied error.

Can you find a way to 'burn' to a disc image rather than straight to disc? I don't have your version of MyDVD, but in MyDVD 8 when you click on the burn button you get this burn dialog box.




By selecting the Save disc image file checkbox, and unselecting Burn to disc I can save an image of the disc I want to burn. If you can find a similar dialog it should then be possible to burn that image repeatedly to disc [even if you have to restart MyDVD each time] without having to re-make your project.




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