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Dvdit 6.2 Awful Crash Issues



Every time I try and burn a DVD, it all goes fine and until the stage where it says


'Burning...writing files'


Then it just freezes. I am trying to burn a 200 MB project and have left it for 2 hours just in case it is REALLY slow, but nothing. Three green progress bars appear then nothing.


My internal DVD burner is brand new (just bought it yesterday) and my PC is fairly highspec (1 GB Ram, 80 GB internal hard drive, 10+ GB free) so why on earth is this happening? I am getting extremely stressed out


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can you output a volume? if so you can always use the free IMGBRN tool to write that volume to a DVD.


Separately, are you by chance trying to transcode AIFF audio? if so, change that to WAV.



I think I am trying to transcode AIFF actually yes...


I'm not so sure what you mean by 'output a volume'. What I am trying to do is burn a Quicktime to a DVD as a DVD movie

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