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Creator Classic - Missing Files



I am using Creator Classic from EMC 10.1. When I display the contents of a folder in the 'Select Source' window I see all the files in that folder EXCEPT all those of type .xml . My project settings do not exclude these files - so why are they missing.


The implications of these files not being listed is that when I create my data project by selecting and draging from the source pane to the data - files will unknowingly be omitted. Not good :-(





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You are correct but I don't know why…


If you copy the Folder the xml files in it are copied over even though they do not show in the pane in CC???


Likewise if you copy them with Explorer into the project pane they also copy in!


I am using 2009 but it is the same there. I can also assure you that CC is at the end of its' life so it unlikely you will ever see a fix…


If you use Burn Data Disc from the Home application, it shows and allows you to pick those files.


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Thanks for the confirmation. I guess that I will use the 'Data Disc' utility in the future

I think they are going to revisit the interface of 'Burn Data Disc'… it is pretty clumsy now when adding Files & Folders unless you use Windows Explorer in conjunction with it.


Likewise, it has no provision to burn multiple copies… But I would not expect anything "fixed" until the next, V12, version is out.


I would stick with Classic for now using the workarounds I pointed out. If you come up with any, let us know!


Edit: Here is a chuckle. It works in V8 & V9… :(

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