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Tivo Transfers Speed



Does anyone know why it takes so long for the Tivo transfers to make it onto my mac?


I am using a 108 wireless connection and typically for a 3GB show it takes about 3-4 hours. Double that for a 7GB show.


Do you think that the speed will increase if I stop using the wireless network?


Brand new Mac

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Hi JZ...


It takes a while to move a gigabyte of data, no matter what the medium, but it does look like you're slower than most. You can google to find discussions of things that will slow down a network and they're worth reading in your case. Basically the slowest old box on the network will slow down everything else. I suggest you try a couple of experiments...


Use a physical wired connection from your TiVo to your router/hub, and use a physical wired cable from your Mac to the same hub. For the test, remove ALL other devices from your network. My brand new (late 2008) Macbook pro has a gigabyte (1000 kps) ethernet interface, but the TiVo will only do 100.


You could also connect your TiVio directly to the Mac using a crossover ethernet cable - that would be the max speed you can expect.


Even if the data transfers at a high rate, the CPU in either the TiVo or the Mac can limit how much data the application can send or receive. TiVo limits connections to just one so the CPU is free to do lots of video processing for this reason. It may be that your Mac is doing some other CPU-intensive things. So stop watching other videos or surfing the net while you're testing.


If you want to test just the wireless speed between your Mac and wireless router (mine's a TimeCapsule, but this should also hold true for AirPorts) disconnect ALL the other wireless devices that might be consuming bandwidth. If there's a wireless connection to the TiVo and a wireless connection to the Mac, each will eat half the bandwidth, cutting your transfer speed in half. Most TiVo's don't move around, so a wireless connection to the TiVo seems sort of silly to me, especially if the AirPort and TiVo are near each other.


Get you started?


Hope this helps!






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