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Problems Using Software On Fresh System



Hi. I am suffering from at least one failing hard drive (I have two, one is dying, but not sure which). I've got some replacements on order, but in the meantime, I'm trying to make one optical disk backup of my files. I have my files mirrored on the drives and one drive is probably in better shape than the other, so I'm covered, but it would be nice to have another backup. Anyway...


- fresh installation of vista sp1, no drivers installed, no system updates beyond what is in sp1

- installed program

- will not display properly. It behaves as though my resolution is way too low and rather than resizing, it just cuts stuff off. I installed proper display drivers, hoping this would fix it, but it didn't; the entire left half of what looks like a menu screen is missing, and the upper portion (where one would normally expect there to be menus, a title, and the min/max and close buttons) is missing.

- the software gets upset that I don't have a network connection. This is annoying. I'm trying to save a dying system. I don't have time for network connections.


This post is mostly feedback, but if anyone has any suggestions on how to move this crazy window so I can see what all of my options are, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. And no, clicking and dragging doesn't work. I can't even see the title of the window so I can't click and drag (I tried clicking and dragging from other parts of the window anyway, but to no avail). Pressing alt to access any menus that might be there also has no effect. I don't even know if there are any menus because I can't see that part of the window.


<-- using a linux laptop to post (so I can't run the software on this machine to test it out)

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Ah, I got it to move. Yay. I resized the window by clicking and dragging the lower right, and that somehow made the menu on the top display ever so slightly, but that was enough for me to click the maximize button and now everything looks fine.


One more piece of feedback:

It would be nice if we could select a burn speed. Better backups can be made if one burns a little more slowly. I'm using Verbatim media, but my burner is very fast and even with decent media, I still get a lot of bad disks, although I have yet to see what will happen with this software.

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