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Unable To Make Legal Copy Of Osx 10.5 Dl Dvd



I have a 5 license version of Mac OSX Leopard which I would like to make a legal copy ( as per the EULA ) for my archives.

After the Install disc is read and burned to a DL DVD+R disc the verification starts and quits with a Track 1 error. The new copy also will not mount. I've tried now with two different brands of DL DVDs. Any suggestions?? Apple does not have copy protection on the install DVD - the EULA specifically states I may make 1 copy for back up purposes only.

Thanks in advance for any assistance anyone can provide - Mike


(Intel Mackbook 2.4 w DL DVD drive/burner)

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Disk utility is the only sure way to do and the above info about CD/DVD Master is also the best and then burn with Disk Utility only




Thanks guys for the advise.

I had tried using Disk Utility but didnt try the CD/DVD Master setting. So I tried that. The copy went fine. The image is mountable and runs fine. But when I burn it to DL/DVD with either the Disk Utility or Toast 8 the resulting copy errors out during validation.

Toast errors are " The drive reported an error - Sense Key = Hardware error. Sense Code = 0x09. Track following error.

and; " The drive reported an error: Sense Key=Illeagal Request. Sense Code=0x21;0x02. Buffer Underrun".


I compared the file sizes between the two and there's something that isnt being burned to the DL/DVD. The disk image and the DVD both state 7.1G in size but if you look at the actual byte count the disk image has 7,636,475,904 vs. 7,632,855,040 on the DL/DVD. A difference of 3,620,864. For whatever reason the entire content of the disk image is not being burnt to DVD with either the disk utility or Toast.


Other thoughts, ideas?


Thanks again for all of your help - Mike

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