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Tried the clean install, but problem remains. I have also found that I can't install EMC11, as it keeps asking for EMC10. Deleted the registry key as per other posts and am now told that I need EMC09 prior to installing EMC11.


My system is:


HP Pavilion dv8387ea

AMD Turion 64 2.2ghz

2gb ram

Radeon Xpress 200m

2 x 60gb drives

Vista Ultimate + SP1


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The only thing I see in the video\movies section is 'Play movie'. I don't have the option to create movies from my own clips. Is this a fault, or have I missed something during inst


Sure sounds like a bad install. Did you get any error messages? Do a full uninstall and then re-install (link). Make sure you have your anti-virus off when you reinstall. You screen should look like this:


If you haven't done much since the installation,and you have System Restore turned on, you might want to try restoring the system from there and then reinstalling.


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