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Create Slideshow Feature Crashed My Machine



Please help... everytime I use the create slideshows feature on the Easy Media Creator 10 (Version: 10.1.226), it rebooted my machine. Here are the steps I took:

1. . Launched Easy Media Creator Home.

2. Clicked on the Photo tab in the Project pane and then select Create Slideshow.

3. In Roxio Slideshow Assistant window, click the Add Photos button. In the Add Photos dialog box, select the photo(s) and click Add Photos button when done.

4. Added music, click Add Background Audio. In the Background Audio dialog box, click on Add Audio Track. In the Add Audio dialog box, select the music track(s) and click Add Audio button when done. Click OK.

5. Clicked the Next button to continue.

6. Then it REBOOTED my machine.... therefore, no, there is NO ERROR to be captured.


I just recently bought this product online and successfully installed it. I have not have the chance to use all features yet; however, I need to create slideshows with my pictures and have been doomed! It always rebooted my machine when I use this feature. I did use burn music successfully and regular data DVD is also successful.


Would really appreciate for your help. Thank you in advance.

P.S. I am a new user.



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I am having the same problem when trying to add the audio to the slideshow. This is my first attempt to create a slideshow w/music - just bought this software and I am sooo frustrated. What do you mean -try using video wave? As you can see, I don't know what I'm doing. . .is it possible to create the slideshow and then add the music tracks some other way. . .NOT using this software?



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Go to the start menu and under the entry for Creator, there is an icon - Videowave - run that and import the files into videowave.


Once there you can add your audio or whetever


Doing it WITHOUT using the software - if you find that out, please let me know how ;)

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Make sure the music you are adding is not DRM protected (from Itunes or similar unless you paid more money to "Buy" the music) also convert the mp3 (if that is what you are using) to wav files use those in Video Wave or the Slide Show Assistant. Make sure your Assistant has three steps to making the slide show.



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