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Version Question

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What you got is an OEM version that was probably altered by the drive manufacturer.It could be called just about anything.What you don't want to do is try to apply any of the updates you see on Roxio's website.They are not made for OEM software.

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I got V6.2 with my drive. It's called Classic. On the site I see Platinum 6.2 and Basic 6.1. Mine says 6.2. I don't understand.


If it came free with your Burner then you have the "Basic" OEM version.


The Platinum version is the full retail version that you get when you go to a computer store and buy the product (I don't this is avaible thru Roxio anymore).


An OEM is usually a version that a large computer manufacturer buys and installs to sell preinstalled on their computer (sometimes they may add features that are only available in the full retail Platinum eddition) The computer buyer gets a copy of the preinstalled software in case they have to reinstall it on their computer. For example, if the files get corrupt or the hard drive has to be reformatted, that computer user needs a copy of the software to reinstall the software that came with the computer. OEM means Original Equipment Manufacturer.


Some OEM, versions come with CD burners.


These "Basic" versions vary and are customized to fit the contract of the OEM purchaser.


Likewise, ALL support comes from your OEM provider and not from Roxio. Contact your OEM provider and see what they have to say

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