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Dvd Burner Woes



I have WinXP Pro with SP2

I have two DVD burners

Sony DVD RW DW-U18A-UYS1 (About 6 yrs old) max burn speed 8X

Sony DVD RW-820A 1.0a (About 2 yrs old) max burn speed 16X


My burn software is Roxio Suite 8 (Yes I know this forum for 2009, but did not see any other options) which I have been using at least 3 yrs.


Two days ago, I had burned several DVDs with no problem using the RW-820A. Then all of a sudden, nothing would burn with either burner. Roxio wanted to see both burners at the same time.


The burners were setup as Master and Slave.


My first thought was the ide cable was bad, so I changed it and nothing changed.


I then pulled burners and cleaned them and set both to cable select.


At present, I can NOT use either burner if both are connected.


So first I disconnected the RW-820A, and used the U18A.

It will read CDs and DVDs, but the Speed option is only 2.4X. Before this started, it would give me several options for burn speed.

IT will burn and read both CD and DVD. It is just slow during the burn process.


Next I disconnected the RW-U18A and connected the RW-820A.

It seems to read any burned CD but will only read DVDs that were burned on it.

It shows all the burn options.

It burns CDs with no problem.

When I try to burn a DVD (even a new one), it goes all the way til closing out the session. I then get a write error-medium error that says error (03/0C/00)

All I can do then close out roxio and DVD is NO good.


Brain storm, LOL, could roxio be bad? To test this, I put in a new hard drive and installed XP with SP2. I installed Roxio and tried to burn using the RW-820A with the same results. To me that eliminated Roxio.


I have a hard time believing both burners would go out at the same time. I would like any suggestions to resolve this problem.

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Sadly I have come to the conclusion that both DVD burners are BAD. Roxio has nothing to do with the problem as I see it.


I use brand name DVDS, Memorex DVD+R and Maxell DVD+R. My burners have never recognized -R format discs.


I came to the conclusion by connecting another master drive, reinstalled Win XP after formatting all the partitions.


I did NOT install Roxio, instead installed CDBurnerXP 4.2.2.


With both burners connected, NOTHING works.

With only the old burner connected, it did exactly the same as it does with Roxio installed.

The same is true with only the new burner connected.


To me this eliminated Roxio as any problem and says the burners are both bad.

IF anyone can draw a different conclusion, I will be glad to listen.


Thank YOU

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When you changed from Master, Slave to Cable Select, did you make sure you had a Cable Select Cable, there is a difference?


How did you do this cleaning to the drives?


Pin them back as Master, Slave use a 40 pin 80 wire IDE connector. Read carefully and check # 3, 4, and 5 in my signature. Try and borrow some Verbatium - + R or buy a small amount.



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