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Troubles Transferring Old Vhs Tapes To My Comp



Ok so at first, my computer wasn't recognizing any connection to my VHS player at all. I then realized that i needed to install another driver from the CD. I did this and it recognized that there was a connection, but when i went to the capture video menu and selected the device, it would say no signal. I tried to turn off the VHS, unplug it, power back on, restart computer, but now my computer doesnt even recognize its plugged in again!!!!





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How are the VHS player and the computer connected? What device are you using to connect them? What software are you using to capture?


What is menu creation got to do with capturing video from VHS player?


Details, please.


sorry i meant video capture mode


i am using roxio creator 2009, with roxio video capture usb.


I am not sure what the device is called, but it is made by roxio


they are connect using composite on one end and i think mini usb on the other. It then plugs into a card which turns it into regular usb

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It is the DEVICE that has to be seen!


Mine will not work if I plug into the USB port on the front of my PC. It only works when connected to the USB receptacles in the back of the PC.


Of course it has to be USB2, won't work with a USB (1) at all…


When connected, you must select the USB 2861 Device for the source in Media Import and set the Input to Composite or S-Video, depending on which one you are using.




It will also work in Windows Movie Maker. So if you don't see it in either one, something is wrong and that is the direction we need to go.


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