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Roxio Video Capture Usb Device



Roxio Video Capture USB device



Should be pretty straightforward but we have seen a couple of common mistakes…


2 Important Quickies:


The device will not capture Photos!

The device will not capture Audio! (of course it captures audio from a movie but not audio by itself)

12/25/08 Update: The Creator 2009 SP2 update will allow Audio Capture through the USB Device. Link = SP2

For Roxio Easy VHS to DVD users: Here



The Driver disc should look like this:



And its' Contents like this:



Note there are specific Drivers for 32 bit systems (_x86) as well as 64 bit systems (_x64). Straightforward enough but if you pick the wrong one, it isn't going to work…


If you look at your Device Manager (Win-Pause; Hardware tab) the device will show up after it has been installed and is connected. It will be under Sound, video and game controllersUSB capture Device. (this is taken from an XP_x86 system)




Once loaded and connected you should be able to use almost any capture software that can work with a USB Capture device. Here is Windows Movie Maker and it is happy with the device:



When you select the Source or Device, make sure you choose USB 2861 Device


Of course I would expect that you would want to capture with Roxio so let's look at that…


Hookup & Capture:

Either directly from the Home app – Video – Movies; Import; Capture Video or probably more common, from VideoWave – Tools Capture/Import


Either one will bring you to Roxio Media Import.


We have to talk about hooking up an Analog Source to the Roxio capture device since hookup and capture go hand in hand…


Most common will be a Composite hookup. This is one that uses 3, RCA plugs from your source. They are colored Red, White and Yellow.


Yellow is the video whereas Red (right) and White (left) are the Audio jacks. Just match the colors on your Source and the Roxio device and it will be OK:



If you would have S-Video available it transmits a better Video signal that Composite Video. But it only transmits Video, so Audio connecters must be attached too!!!


(Note: the RCA Video, Yellow, is not connected)


Of course in both these, your USB line to your PC is plugged into the left side of the device…


Back to Capture! We select the USB 2861 Device as our 'source to import from'.


If you see No Signal beside Status, it is most likely you do not have the Input: set correctly. (got me first time out!) - This presumes you are wise enough to realize that your source must be plugged in and turned on… :o




If you are using S-Video it must be set to that:



But if you are using Composite you must set to that:



That should cover the most common mistakes. Some other things I have seen first hand or on the boards…


Jittery or Jerky capture: Reboot! But you may have to defrag.


Good Quality Capture, poor quality output: Make sure Quality of Output matches quality of Capture. Don't capture in VCD or DVD LP then output at HQ. You cannot render up!!! Best results are to capture at DV or DVD HQ. You can always render quality downward later.


No Sound – during capture or after: Look under Options. Make sure the Roxio Capture device is set as the source unless you want to do a sound mix. Also make sure you don't have it muted during capture.


Capture too dark/light/blurry: There are settings under Enhance Picture but use with caution. It may just be a segment that is faulty, which you can correct in VW. These settings in capture will apply to all capture.


Actually before you jump in and spend hours capturing, then more editing and adding effects, you would be smart to capture short segments and burn to RW media (reusable) and try them out on your PC as well as your DVD Player/TV.


When you experiment, keep notes on what you are doing. I keep a pad & pencil by my PC and pack of Post-its to stick on my DVD's when I am experimenting.



If you are having problems, please post in the AV Capture and Output area for the software version you are using.


If you are not using Roxio software with the device, then post here.


In either case don't be stingy – supply details!!! :lol:

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