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Photosuite's Clone Brush



The Clone Brush tool in PhotoSuite lets you "cover up" parts of an image, in effect deleting the unwanted stuff. Also, you can move objects around within an image. It works best with larger areas to be duplicated (cloned). Someone asked about this a while back. It's kind of a neat feature.


Here is the before and after from the video tip: Clone brush video tip










(To access the Clone Brush tool in EMC 9 and 10, click on the Tools tab and then on Clone Brush.)


In Creator 2009 PhotoSuite, open an image and select the Change Objects tab in the Center, and click on Clone Brush. Notice that the pointer turns into a crosshair. To "remove" an object, cover it up with another part of the image:


Click on the area that you want to be cloned onto another part of your image to tell PhotoSuite where you want the cloning to come from. Line up the crosshair, if you can, on a vertical or horizontal edge so that you have a reference point when you move the cursor to cover up another part of your image.


Leave enough room on either side of where you click so that you can take enough pixels to clone, but not so many that you are taking too much from the area that you will have to clone over later. These settings work pretty well for simple cloning (but experiment depending on what you are doing):


Size: 50

Transparency: 0

Edge Fading: 50


By clicking the area to be cloned, you set the spot from where the clone will begin. If you need to set a new spot, click the Reset Start Point button. If you make a mistake, click the Undo arrow. Once you click the Reset Start Point, you can begin cloning.


Click on the area where you want to put the clone and drag until you have as much of the area cloned as you want. Zoom in to make sure you are only cloning where you want there to be cloning. You can resize your brush to get into smaller areas.


If you overshoot an area, just reset the Start Point by clicking the Reset Start Point button, and click in another spot to cover it up or click the Undo arrow and redo it.


Click OK to save the changes and continue editing as usual.

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