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Error 80045018 While Opening Project



Just upgraded to EMC 8 Suite Home ver 3.0.0 Build 3.0.96B running on HP D4100E Athlon X2 2gb mem and HP DVD Writer 840b with latest firmware update from HP. Trying to creat a slideshow on DVD. Can create slideshow with menus and can preview. When I go to burn to disc I ge the message 80045018 Error While Opening Project. Nothing else is running on the PC other than standard stuff that came with the PC (not visable to me). This is an upgrade from 7.5 via disk (not a downloaded upgrade). Need help to fix.

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Sorry, you'll think there's a reply here with some great fix for you but I'm just adding myself to your request for help and to commiserate with you because the same thing just happened to me a second ago.


I DO have a sloppy, make-shift workaround for you if someone more official and/or with better knowledge than me doesn't get back to you in time and you've got a deadline or something.


Leave EMC8 where it is and reinstall EMC7.5 and use it's DVD Burner. ECM7.5 and ECM8 can co-exist on your system at the same time without interferring with each other. If you've got room.


I have had nothing but trouble since I upgraded to EMC8 - I'm still not completely upset at ROXIO, there are so many satisfied users that I'm sure my own ignorance and inexperience must play some part in all this, but I gotta say this thing shouldn't oughta be this problematic.


After upgrading from 7.5 to 8, my DVD drives dissappeared completely! Turns out it's a very well known effect of uninstalling EMC7.5 - Microsoft even has a support document about it, it's so common! Wouldn't you think there'd be a dialogue box or something in a readme file from Roxio letting you know that when the installation software for EMC8 asks you if you want to uninstall 7.5 and you say 'yes,' there's a good chance your system won't see your DVD drives anymore and you'll have to go in -all by yourself - and edit your registry to fix it? (And with all those warnings EVERYWHERE not to go near your registry if you have a heart condition or are pregnant or are prone to panic attacks.) It was an easy fix - so simple you think EMC8 would do it for you, let alone, TELL you about it possibly happening.


But now that I had drives, I couldn't make CAPTURE work no matter what I did. I gave up and reinstalled 7.5 That was a long time ago and I have just been switching back and forth between 7.5 and 8 every since.


Except tonight. I have a little job that requires anamorphic widescreen encoding. Something only EMC8 can do, not EMC7.5 I never figured out what was wrong with EMC8's CAPTURE, so I captured it as a regular 4:3 video in EMC7.5 (losing all sorts of quality because my camera's native format is 16:9 anamorphic) and I simply tried to put it back into 16:9 through VideoWave and DVD Burner in EMC8. And Voila:


"80045018 Error while Opening Project"


So I await someone's response with you - as well as a response to my other post about maybe how I can get CAPTURE to work. You don't have to face this alone. Good luck to us both.

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Guest ivanatrox

Are you trying to use MyDVD or Slideshow Assitant to create the slideshow? Are you able to save the project to video file if you are using Slideshow Assitant? are you able to save the project to Disc Image? If you use MyDVD, you can go to Help -> About and post the build you have.


Also, what is the video card you have? If you go to Start -> Run -> type: dxdiag then click OK, you can find out the specs and driver information for your video card in the Display tab. Also, please make sure DirectX 9.0c is installed.



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