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Hybrid Cd W/ Autorun (pc) & Background Image (mac)



I want to create a Hybrid CD that will launch a HTML file when inserted into a PC. I want to hide the autorun.exe file. It appears on the MAC when the disc is inserted.


At the same time I am trying to create the MAC side so that the window will auto open when the disk is inserted wtih files/folders in specific locations. I also have a background image I want for this folder. I just need to position the HTML file and the resources folder in specific locations to go with my design of the background image for the window. How do I get the files positioned exactly where I want them when the window opens?


Thanks for any help in advance.

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After some late night testing....


I found that there is a preference to select legacy formats and settings. This allowed me to choose custom hybrid when burning. I set up a partition that has the folders how I wanted then arranged and the background image too. then created a disc image of that partition.


I then added that partition to the MAC side of the custom hybrid. I then chose the files that I wanted to include on the PC side (autorun.ini)


When I burned the CD I get the file I want to launch on the PC side to work (success!). The MAC now however doesn't open the window when disk is inserted. When the icon of the cd is clicked the window is now the right size and the files are in the same place as in the partition (success!) but there is no background image. :(


What am I doing wrong now? How do I get the window to open when the disk is inserted on the MAC and why is the image not appearing in the background?

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Seems like this item got lots of hits but no resolution. I have solved it on my end. Hopefully this will help someone in the future.


These instruction will burn a Hybrid CD that automatically opens a new finder window on a Mac with a background image and files in icon view positioned where you want it or will auto run a file when the same disc is inserted in a PC. This is being done on a MAC running OSX 10.4.11 with Toast Titanium 8.0.5.


Here we go:


Gather all your files to burn the CD into one folder.

*Note: Place the image file that you are using as the background image in the folder as well. I am not sure if it matters where it is, I am assuming that the finder searches the folders to look for the image and finds it.


Launch Toast.

  • Choose a MAC only data CD
  • Choose the check mark next to Auto-open disc window
  • Choose [More] button
  • Give the CD a name and change the icon if desired at this time.
  • Choose icon view as the Disc view
  • Choose Picture as the background choice
  • Navigate to the image you wish to use (it should be in the data that you gathered to place on the CD that I mentioned at the beginning.)
  • Choose [OK] button
  • Drag all the files that you wish to be on the Mac portion of the CD on to the main window of Toast.
  • Create a disc image of this CD to the desktop.

You should now have a file on your on your desktop named: yourdiscname.toast


  • Double click the disc image you just created or choose File/Open with Toast.
  • Toast should now show the Image File.
  • Choose [Mount]


Now you should get a new Finder window that opens up with the content you wanted for the Mac. Also notice that there is no Sidebar for this window! :) But the window probably does not appear as you want it to so here is your chance to make it look pretty...


  • Adjust the window size to the graphic you wanted in the background.
  • Move the files to where you want them to appear.
  • Right click on the window and choose [show view options] to get more ways to customize.

*Note: Be sure you select for this window only before you make changes otherwise with will effect all your finder windows. You can change your icon size, text size, label position, as well as how the images are arranged. For my project I just moved the files to where I wanted them to look good with me background image. I also made the window fit so that there are no scroll bars.


  • Position the finder window where you want it to appear. This will be where the window will open when the CD is inserted. I suggest the upper left corner. I tried to put it in the center of my screen, but when testing the final disc noticed that the window was off the side on smaller screens.
  • Choose [unmount]
  • Choose [Mount]

This is how it will appear. Pretty cool, huh?


OK almost done...


  • Go back to Toast
  • Choose Data and Custom Hybrid and the disc type.
  • Choose [select Mac...]
  • Navigate to the Mac Volume you just mounted.
  • Un-check optimization-on-the-fly


Now for the PC partition...


  • Choose [select ISO...]
  • Choose [New CD]
  • Double Click "My Disc" and give it a new name.
  • Choose [Add...]
  • Navigate to all the files you wish to include for the PC portion of the disc.

*Note: I chose the same files that I used for the Mac partition except that I added two new files. I created a autorun.inf file which is a just a simple text file:


open=ShellExe.exe Exhibitor_Kit.html


I also added a ShellExe.exe file and placed these at the root of the cd. The autorun file tells the ShellExe file to run the file that I want to launch as the disk in placed in a PC. In my case it was an HTML file. You can go here to download the .inf and .exe the files that I used, use at your own risk as they are not my creations.


  • Choose [Done] when you have added all your files.
  • Choose [burn]


*Note: You can also save this off as a disc image to burn future discs.


I hope that this helps




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Hey guys, maybe you can help explain this to me?


I think I am almost there...


I made a .inf file....




open=winopen \homefolder\index.html

label=Game CD

action=View index.html




Do I still need a .exe file? And if so how do I make it? What does the .exe program itself look like?


Is this right?





What I dont understand perhaps is, does the .exe file and the inf file go together in this little website I made? In the same directory? Or does it sit outside of the cd website directory?


A xo

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