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Problem With A Specific Dvd



I've been trying to combine two of my home movies and I've been running into some trouble. One of them works just fine, but the other can't be saved as a disc image or burned to a disk. Everytime I get to the end of the encoding I get the same error message (a long number sequence that means Toast doesn't like the file, per another chapter on this forum). Here's the deal. I've tried importing the movie through Toast 7, I've tried ripping it through Mac the Ripper. I tried importing it through MTR and Toast and then exporting as DV then bringing the DV back into Toast. I've tried exporting to DV then editing it a little and saving as a .mov reference movie then bringing it back to toast. I've tried playing it in a DVD player and capturing it in Imovie. I've tried palying it in a DVD player and capturing it in Toast 7. Each time I get the same error message at the end of compression. This doesn't make sense to me. If it had a problem with the file, why would it have the same problem with a newly captured Imovie file or a video stream captured directly by Toast itself?


At the least, how can I repair this movie so I can combine it with some of my other home movies?

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