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Toast/dvd Menu Oddities



I've been using Toast to burn copies of occassional TV shows onto DVD. In the past, it's pretty much worked flawlessly.


Recently, though, the menus in DVD's have been... well, odd. The big thing appears to be that the yellow highlights on the menu selections are too coarse/not high res. So when you select, for example, the arrow leading to the "next" screen of shows, it appears as a yellow blob on screen, rather than a nice highlight around the arrow.


I've treid trashing Toast's pref files, and that didn't work.




Oh, one more thing, to conserve DVD's, what I typically do (and as an example of what recently happened), a friend wanted to see the first three eps of Battlestar Galactica, which I imported into my Mac. All three shows were in QT format.


After getting the names of the files in Toast correctly, and adjusting the icon pictures so that the title "Battlestar Galactica" was showing, I saved the three episodes (3 hours) as a disk image. I then mounted the disc image to copy via "Disc copy w/compression" to fit it onto one disc (Compression wasn't bad either, only something like 8%).


When the image mounted, I looked at the "DVD" with DVD player. Yep, blocky graphics. I thought that may be just some oddity in Apple's DVD player (again, it's looked fine in the past), so I burned it to DVD. The blocky graphics burned to the actual DVD.


I wish I could post screen shots of what I'm talking about here.


I'll maybe try it tonight with some different files and see if it's the QT files that are messing things up...



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This was fixed in Toast 7.1. Menu highlighting should work correct even under 10.4.7. You must re-author the DVD. Any DVD created previously will still have the problem.

my bad...I had to go back to 7.0.2 on my G5 machine because of a bug in 7.1


previous topic which caused me to revert


So, guess that makes me SOL.


Incidentally, I just spent the time to install 7.1 from scratch, and yes, it crashes when attempting to encode the files. Yes, I set re-encoding to "Never," and it still crashes. So, I get to choose between unpresentable menus and no DVD at all!

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I think I found a rather convoluted workaround.


Use 7.0.2 to author a temporary bogus disc (this causes 7.0.2 to re-encode the files.)

Use 7.1 to re-author the disc from the VIDEO_TS folder created by 7.0.2. 7.1 will demux the files and re-multiplex them, and create menus according to the 7.1 editing of them.


Yeah...good luck remembering 6 weeks from now.

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hi there,


i'm having similar issues with the yellow highlights. i've created a new menu style and everything works apart from the highlights which should now be red, but are still showing in yellow.


any ideas?

i'm still confused about the mention of 2 bit colour as there are no options for this in the photoshop file (or none that i know of), but i'm wondering if this i the issue.

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