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Recorder busy [D2D] can't eject



I am also receiving a Drag-to-Disc error that says "The recorder is busy. Please try again later. " Using XP, I am dragging .jpg photos to the DVD from a flash drive. No other information is provided by the software. I have tried rebooting. Once out of Windows, I can manually eject, and when I return to Windows, I can see the copied photos. However, I still cannot use the eject button in the software or on the machine.

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Well if you are attempting to save anything on disc that you don't want to lose, then you don't want D2D!


There should be an Icon for it in your Systray. Right click it an choose Exit.


Can you use XP Burning now?


D2D will stay off until you reboot or launch it from the Start Menu.


Let us know how this works out and if you want to permanently disable D2D.


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Are you trying to use XP to write the disc or Roxio?

Did you drag the files onto the D2D icon or did you drag them to the drive icon?

If it's XP then it won't work because XP won't write to a DVD.

If you're using XP to try and write it and D2D to eject the disc that may not work.

Do like Jim said and turn off D2D and then try putting a CD in and see if XP will write the disc.If it will,when it's done try ejecting the disc.


If you get it then the thing to do is either stop using D2D (wisest choice) or turn off Xp's built in writing capabilities.

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