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Missing Functions



I'm evaluting Music Disk Creator and I have this questions:

- why isn't this a standalone program = audio ; I don't need the rest and the whole installion is very big and expensive

- why can't the encoding be a Batch/Background process so you can start several encodings since they take very long time

and it's not using that much CPU (if you have a powerful computer)

- irritating things like "&" stops the selection as "&" and you have to correct them manually - a lot of artist to have & in their names when featuring each other.


As a newbie I probably don't get it all but it would be nice with some responce.


Comparing just the audio bit to Nero i'm having problem seeing this as a better product.

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Easy CD and DVD Burning is an inexpensive limited-feature subset of EMC9 which was marketed several years ago as a one-off venture. There are no updates for it, it is no longer supported, and it was never "very big and expensive" so you may be posting in the wrong forum.

Please clarify which version of the software you are "evaluating". This forum is for Easy CD and DVD Burning version 9.0.554.




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Roxio Creator 9 Home 9.0.136 Trial version so I'm probably in the wrong forum.

I'm running Vista so that's why I'm here.

I ment big and expensevie = all of Roxio Creator 9 Home.

I ment standalone = just the audio part of Roxio Creator 9 Home.

I ment Batch/Background for us who create to hard disk instead of dvd.

The burning part is the smallest part in my opinion and I really want to se the result before burning.

I use hard disks = USB to be flexiable with laptop, home movie eq. (TV) etc. I only use Dvds for classics = for permant keep.


Since their are a lot a versions it not easy to know as a newbie what to use and I can't find just the audio part anywhere as a trial version.

I complain because I think Roxio, Nero and some others don't use moduls the right way = You buy the parts you need; not a big package where 50 % or more is never used.

Please give me some good avice if you know who I should solve this problems since their are no other products on the market as I know of that create anything else than a "DATA-dvd".

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Okay, you are in the wrong forum. There is a separate forum for the Trial version of EMC 9, in EMC Legacy Products.


However you need to be aware that Easy Media Creator 9 is old and is a 'Legacy Product'. The current version is Easy Media Creator 11, which is called Creator 2009 for some confusing reason. There's a separate forum for that, too.


As to your questions - I don't know why Sonic/Roxio have done things like they have. This is a user forum, and they haven't told us users why they have built bigger and grander and more expensive "suites" over the years. Revenue I suppose. That drives everything, doesn't it?


If you're after audio programs, why don't you have a look at the 'RecordNow!' Music Lab family here. They start at $30 and go up to $50 or $100 depending on what you want.





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