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Trouble With Hybrid Cd



I'm attempting to burn a hybrid disc and have a problem. I wonder if anyone could please provide some insight.


Products: Toast 7.0.2 running on a Mac OSX 10.4.6. Also a PC running Windows XP Professional for testing and a stand-alone audio CD player.


Desired results: A hybrid disc that will auto-launch an .exe file on the PC (in this case a Flash Projector) on one part of the hybrid and also play 11 audio CD tracks in a stand-alone audio CD player on the other.


I have the option of burning the .exe file first to a write session and then burning the audio CD portion to a write disc or do it the other way round: audio first, then the .exe file.


Here's the problem. When I put the .exe file on first, the PC finds and plays the auto-launched .exe just fine. But when the audio CD is played in the stand alone player, the tracks on the player display come up as Track 2, Track 3, and so on rather than Track 1, Track 2, etc. It does play all the tracks in the correct order starting with track 1, they're just displayed as one number higher than they really are.


Another interesting result is that when the disc is inserted in a Mac and opened, the Finder window shows the first two audio tracks with slightly garbled names from what they were in the Toast window (and QT player does play them), and iTunes shows the first two tracks as dimmed and not selectable in any way, they simply won't play using it.


When the audio CD part of the hybrid is burned first, all the players, from the stand alone to QT to iTunes, show and the tracks exactly as the appeared in the Toast window. Track 1, Track 2, etc. However, the PC then can't or won't "locate" the auto-launch file and start the .exe file when the disc is inserted into it. It must auto-launch to meet customer specs.


Any ideas? Thanks!

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You need to burn an Enhanced Audio CD. I used to do this back in Toast 5, but I am at work on a PC :) so I couldnt tell you how to do it in Toast 7. I guess check the Toast help file and see what it says. You used to have to create an ISO image file to for the Data sessoin and burn both the audio and data at the same time. It was a little complicated, but it worked.

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