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Cant Play Dvd I Burned... Please Give Me Some Advice



I burned a movie as a gift to a friend and I made it really good I made a background for it I even made an intro prior to the movie using Roxio MyDVD. Then I segmented it into chapters then burned it. I burned it as an image first with a filename .iso. After that I burned it using the Burn Disk Image in the roxio creator 2009. It played well when I previewed it on my computer but when my friend tried it on his player he said it doesn't work right. It stops so he ended up watching the movie on his pc instead. I set my write speed to 8x since I know that it will make errors less.

Please give me some tips on how to use ROxio properly since its my first time to try this. Thanks guyz :D

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Since the disc plays fine on both computers, there is nothing wrong with the disc or how it was burned. This is a common issue with disc brand and player compatibility. First, have your friend check his player's manual to see if it requires DVD+ or DVD- media. Most newer players will accept both. Older players will not. If that isn't the issue, then it could be the quality of the blank disc you are using. Really cheap blanks are cheap for a reason. Stick with better brands like Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden.

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If the disc plays for a while but then stops or pauses, that's a pretty good indication of poor burn quality.


8x is the fastest I would burn a Video-DVD with a good burner and known good discs. I burn slower than that with medium-quality discs.


I'd suggest you grit your teeth and try a burn at 4x speed with your present type of disc, or go after a better quality disc as Gary suggested above.

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