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Tivo To Itunes?



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I must be missing something... after i use Tivo Transfer, how do I get the files into iTunes?


Use the "Toast It" button on TiVo Transfer after you pull the file. Use the "convert" option in Toast to convert the .tivo file over to something you can use in iTunes.


I haven't tried it with the latest update to Toast yet, but the "Toast It" button which worked correctly in Toast 8 in that it took you automatically to where you could convert the file did not do so with Toast 9 -- and you had to manually select the "convert" section in Toast.


- Bob

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You can set a preference to automatically transfer your Tivo files to Toast after they are transferred to your Mac in Tivo Transfer. In Tivo Transfer 1.21 it's on the General tab of the Tivo Transfer Preferences under Portable Devices. Check "Automatically export Tivo transferred recordings to Toast"


Hope this helps...

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