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Playing In Standalone Dvd Issue


Hi all


I have a problem with a picture-dvd I have created using MyDVD 9. I have created 2 picture "movies" together with sound....no problem with the creation and burning.


I have put the dvd into 4 different standalone DVD players and all have the same problem, the menu appears as it should together with music, however when you try to move around the menu it is frozen and I cannot play any of the movies. It, however, works on my desktop and laptop dvd players!


I am using the following settings:-


Menu Ratio:- 4:3

Standard:- PAL (I am in the UK, using UK players - isn't this correct??)

Movie Buttons:- Play Movie Only

Default encoding settings:-


Preset:- High Quality

Video:- 720 x 572

Bitrate:- 9.00 Interlaced

Audio:- MPEG

Bitrate:- 384 kb/s


Can someone help me....Thanks in advance!!




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You're right about using PAL (even though the usage of PAL is incorrect - it only refers to the colour sub-system but it's being used by outsiders to refer to the 625 line 25 FPS European TV standard)


Failure to playback on standalones, but playing on the computer and portable player would suggest a media error


Try a different brand - I use Taiyo Yudens myyself (local shop carries them) or Verbatim. Avoid 'in-house' brands like Tesco or Asda and while cheap may be cheerful, it doesn't always work ;)

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Use DVDInfo Pro included in EMC 9 Tools and test for read errors. If none are found move the slider lower than "Bitrate:- 9.00 Interlaced" or try without the menu.



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