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Few Problems Crashing/hanging



Hi there, im wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction on my problem. Ive created a AVCHD DVD with menus on a 8.5GB DVD and when trying to burn to either a dvd/iso/folder it seems to hang and never make the full encode.


The DVD consists of 5 movies compiled from avchd files from a sony handycam, all vids have been watched individually all the way through so i suspect that these are all okay. One thing i do notice is when i add the 5th movie it tells me the menu is full do i want to add to a new menu, i always so no and put it on the main page (wouldnt of thought this would cause a problem)


Recently it seems to hang at the end of the second movie but it has got further than this before. Sometime it also restarts encoding a movie as well. I have upgraded my gfx drivers and also done a clean install but i am still getting the same problems and wondered if anyone has any ideas...


Thanks for your help.

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Very, very few have dabbled in this, ggrussell, is our resident expert!


I don't have one, but what I would do is create a test project. By "restart" do you mean your computer does a reboot?


I would start with just one movie then mover up to 5. The test movies would be trimmed to 1 or 2 minutes then rendered to ISO. Lastly I would burn to a RW (4.7gb) to see how it looks.


I do know that there is a lot of extra processing time needed for HD.


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