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IF,and it's a big if,the files you have assembled will allow a cd to boot then why create an image first?

Just take your files and burn them to a cd.


If you still want to make an image then use Creator Classic,add the files to the project,click burn and uncheck the drives and check the Save disc image file box.After that the image will be on the hard drive.Double click the image and Roxio should open to burn the file to disc.

If all you're trying to do is get the image itself on a disc then instead of double clicking it,just go back into Creator Classic and add the image to the project list and burn it just like any other data file.

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When you opened Creator Classic did you hit Data Disc?

Do you originally see the tree under select source?

If you go to that folder do you not see files to the right?


Again,I'm not clear on what it is you're trying to do.Create a bootable disc?Get a bootable image on a cd?


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As the only real use for a bootable disc is to install an operating system, I personally prefer using nLite (for XP) or vLite (for Vista). This will make an image file of the OS and have it bootable - it will also allow you to 'pre-install' drivers for your board, automate the language selection, registration key entry and so on




Open the resulting .iso file with Disc Copier and you will have your bootable CD


Linux, etc, come in bootable .iso files anyway

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