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FAQ: What ‘Quality’ should I use? What file sizes can I expect?


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MyTV ToGo has four quality settings: Compatible, Good, Better, and Best. The setting you chose should be based on the speed as well as the amount of free storage space on your portable device.


Here is a list of each setting showing the size of one hour of video as well as the recommended minimum speed of device.


QVGA Pocket PC:

Compatible 46 MB/Hour 200Mhz

Good 65 MB/Hour 300Mhz

Better 85 MB/Hour 300Mhz

Best 130 MB/Hour 425Mhz


VGA Pocket PC:

VGA-Compatible 154 MB/Hour 425Mhz

VGA-Good 180 MB/Hour 520Mhz

VGA-Better 208 MB/Hour 530Mhz

VGA-Best 230 MB/Hour 624Mhz


PlayStation Portable:

PSP-Compatible 138 MB/Hour

PSP-Good 214 MB/Hour

PSP-Better 269 MB/Hour

PSP-Best 380 MB/Hour


Apple Video iPod:

iPod-Compatible 216 MB/Hour

iPod-Good 320 MB/Hour

iPod-Better 374 MB/Hour

iPod-Best 414 MB/Hour


Here are descriptions of each quality type:


Compatible - Use this setting if you have a slower mobile device which cannot handle the higher bit rates of other settings. This setting is also useful if you have limited storage space on your mobile device or simply want to copy a lot of shows. If you are using a video iPod then this setting will create a half-sized video display (160x120) which can be used if you are more interested in listening to your TV show then viewing them.


Good - This is the default setting. It is a balance between file size and media quality.


Better – Use this setting if you have a faster mobile device and would like better video/audio quality than the 'good' setting.


Best - Used for fast mobile device with large storage capabilities.

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