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Imported Video Ok, Scrambled In Videowave Import



I have succesfully captured video from a miniDV player. Resolution is 720 x 480. 29.97 fps. Capture setting was DV. In Roxio Media Import, when I play the video, it looks fine.


When I set up a Video Production, regardless of whether I use 4:3 or 16:9, show entire source or fill screen, the video is scrambled.


Specifically, it has 6-7 large horizontal lines/blocks/stripes which are offset from one another and stacked on top of one another.


I'm sure I just have some setting wrong, but would love some help.



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If that is the camcorder you have, you don't need the Roxio Capture device. According to that web page, the TRV11 is equipped with an IEEE 1394 connection (also known as i.Link and Fire Wire). You should be using that port to transfer your digital video. However if your computer doesn't have firewire, then what you are doing should work fine.

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