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Wher do I find a Photo Album transition, there must be one somewhere?


Photo albums are just that - you change the pages from one to another in a book. There are no transitions per se.


Are you looking to make a slide show? There are several applications that will do that. The best is Video Wave if you want to make a slide show with slide shows, transitions, overlays, etc. The second best, and perhaps the one you want is the Create Slide Show under the Photos tab (it has 3 steps and not 2). It will allow you to save the project (for later editing in that program), save to a file, burn to a disc or to output to Video Wave for more extensive editing.


There are many transitions there (although not as many as in Video Wave).


After re-reading your post, I'm not sure what you mean by "Photo Album tansition). Do you mean page turn? There are 17 page turn transitions in Video Wave.


Perhaps if you would explian what you mean in more detail......?


By the way, if you video chip/card can't handle 3D transitions, they would not be available to you. Open Video Wave, go to the top menu and select tools. Run the test. If the dot stays with software, you will not see the 3D tansition options. Do not put the dot near hardware because you will have problesm with the projetc later.

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