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FAQ: Can MyTV ToGo support alternate video sizes and bit rates?


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MyTV ToGo currently supports four Quality settings (Compatible, Good, Better, and Best) as well as multiple Device target settings (Pocket PC, VGA Pocket PC, SmartPhone, PSP, and the video iPod).


If you are an advanced user and wish to create your own Windows Media profiles then you may do so. Note, we do not offer support to assist with the modification of profiles so do so at your own risk.


Video size and bit rates are not configurable for the PSP and iPod. You must use one of the existing MyTV ToGo quality settings.


Here is some information to get your started converting Windows Media Profiles…


If you wish to update the current MyTV ToGo profiles to support different bit-rates and/or video size then you can do so with the Microsoft Windows Media Profile Editor. You can download the Windows Media Encoder Package, which contains the editor, from http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/using/m...tomprofile.mspx


Run the Windows Media Profile Editor (this utility will be located in the Start | Windows Media | Utilites folder) and edit the file C:\program files\MyTV ToGo\MyTvToGo-vga-best.prx (or which ever prx file you choose). Just make sure you don’t change anything in the “Name” or “Description” fields as these values need to remain as “MyTvToGo - Vga Best Quality.” You can then use MyTV ToGo’s “best vga” (assuming you edited the MyTvToGo-vga-best.prx file) to convert TV shows to your own custom specifications


Note, the above Microsoft website also gives tips on how to update profiles (prx files).


Good luck!

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