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What Is A Really Good Wmv And Avi To Dvd Converter?





i have many movies in avi format and some small clips in wmv format which i would like to convert to dvd format.


can anyone please comment on what is a really good converter i can get for free? thanks a bunch


Also, can you guys also tell me what are the best dvd formats that are supported by nero and or nero express?

thank you :)

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Hello Charite1,


Have you considered how appropriate it is to use a forum provided to help paying users of the sponsor's software, in order to:

(1) ask for directions to get the same thing free

(2) ask for help with a competitor's software ??


Not really on, is it.


(1) Please don't do it again.

(2) If you need help with Nero software, please ask in the Nero forums.






Sigh . .

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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