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FAQ: How long does it take to convert a TV show?


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The amount of time it takes to convert and copy a TV show from Media Center to your mobile device depends on many factors: mobile device type, quality setting, and how you elect to copy the TV show to your mobile device.


Conversion times: Here is a list of some typical conversion times. Note, the conversion time is shown as a percentage of playback time (e.g. a 50% conversion time means that you can convert a 1 hour TV show in 30 minutes). These values will vary based on the speed of your Media Center PC on which you are running MyTV ToGo.


Pocket PC (WMV format)

Compatible 34%

Good 46%

Better 49%

Best 49%


Pocket PC VGA (WMV format)

Compatible 95%

Good 94%

Better 92%

Best 98%


Smartphone (WMV format)

Compatible 35%

Good 36%

Better 37%

Best 40%


Sony Playstation Portable (MPEG4/AAC format)

Compatible 31%

Good 37%

Better 39%

Best 39%


Apple Video iPod (MPEG4/AAC, MOV format)

Compatible 33%

Good 42%

Better 45%

Best 47%


Copy times: The time it takes to copy the converted media file to your mobile device or storage card varies depending on the speed of your USB bus, storage card write speed, and whether you are using Microsoft ActiveSync.


TIP: [Microsoft ActiveSync users] if you want to copy your TV show to your storage card more quickly then remove your storage card from your mobile device and insert it into a storage card reader. Copying direct to a storage card is much fast than copying to a storage card in a mobile device via Microsoft ActiveSync.

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