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Roxio Creator Classic Hangs On Building Media





As I saw on other posts, I will give my computer specs first. After that, the issue.


Notebook HP Pavilion dv6000



Intel Core 2 Duo T7100 1.80GHz

Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 64 bits (with up2date updates)

Video: Mobile Intel 965 Express Chipset Family

Sound: Realtek High Definition Audio


(if you need something else I will provide)



The issue:

I start Roxio Creator 2009 Ultimate.

If I use Burn Data Disc application, all is OK: I can add files and/or folder(s), I can start burning, all is okay.

The problem appears if I use Burn Data Disc - Advanced application. If so, the Roxio Creator Classic starts. I select the content of a folder as source and drag it to the project. The dragging process starts (adding files to project list) but it hangs randomly (I did those steps tens of times) at a file. If I cancel the process the app asks me if I want to cancel, I choose Yes but it freezes. The only way to close Creator Classic is by Task Manager (Ctrl Alt Del).


Any suggestions?


Thank you!


PS: The same problem appears on another notebook of mine: (I have installed teh same application on this laptop to check if some hardware errors apply)

Dell XPS 1330

Intel Core 2 Duo T9500 2.60GHz


320 GB HDD

Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 64 bits (with up2date updates)

Video: NVidia GeForce 8400M GS

Sound: Sigmatel High Definition Audio

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I've discovered something interesting.

I have identified some folder which produces the hang and maybe, I repeat maybe the hangs has something to do with longnames or depth of folders.

In Burn Data Disc it seems to be more options for file system.


In Burn Data Disc - Advanced, there is:

1. ISO9660 which supports

- ISO-9660 8.3 character file names

- Any MS-DOS 8.3 character file names

- Long file names (30 chars max.)

2. Joliet which supports I don't know what as it doesn't say

3. UDF102 with

- ISO9660 Bridge

- Joliet Bridge

- No Bridge


The only combinations that works is UDF102 + No Bridge...

Is UDF102 + No Bridge = pure UDF ?



As a comparison, in Nero there is ISO9660+Joliet file system, but it has relax features which you can choose as: Allow more that 255 chars in path, allow path depth of more than 8 directories, allow more than 64 chars for Joliet names.


So, as I figured it out, it is not a problem with hardware compatibility but a problem of file system implementations.

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