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Cannot Burn A Bd Without Reencoding



Hi! I want to generate a blu ray in fact first an image disk with H264 encoded video.


I set "never reeencode" but each time toast 9 reencode whatever the format (mov, mp4, m2t)

despite toast recognise the codec :

it displays in the objects window : video H264 for the .mov- video : H.264/AVC for the other formats

The videos are encoded by Episode Pro of what I want to keep the quality


The settings for H264 in Episode are :

Bitrate Control: VBR using Peak Rate, Average rate: 20000, Peak rate: 25000, VBR Quality: 50, Encoding speed vs quality: 90, VBV buffer size: 5,0, Number of reference frames: 5, Force headers for every GOP, Interlace Encoding: 0, Number of slices: Automatic (One per CPU), Keyframe distance: 10, Use 2-pass encoding, 2-pass interval: 245, period_type: Natural Keyframes Only, profile: High, Entropy Type: CABAC, Display Aspect Ratio: Same as Source, Number of B-frames: 2, Colour space: 4:2:0, Frame size: 10, Initial buffer fullness: 50


any explanation ?

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Yes - all h.264 is not created equal.


Within the h.264 standard there are different standards for different applications - ranging from simple standards for teleconferencing to high end 10-bit standards for highest video quality. The sub-standard or profile used by QuickTime for h.264 and the profile used by Blu-ray discs are not the same. Therefore, h.264 material in QuickTime must be encoded into the higher profile before it is released. As for why the .m2ts files are being re-encoded, it must be a similar profile issue.


The only way to avoid re-encoding is if you have an MPEG-2 file or transport stream or an AVCHD file. Even in cases like these sometimes the video must be re-encoded by Toast.

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