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Record Now Music Lab 10



I installed the program (retail version) and manually added the update that was available from Roxio's website. Now, when I load the program, it remains in a suspended mode. When I go to close the program out, it won't close. Not even ending the process in Vista's "Task Manager" will do the trick. I have to either log off or reboot in order to make the program end.


The odd thing about the "update" from Roxio was that it installed exactly like the initial program, including a requirement to enter the Product Key. I was prompted about a "critical update" when I loaded the program up but I grew suspicious since I had already manually downloaded the update and I was unsure of the update source "FLEX.net".


It was after I had declined the critical update that the program started giving me trouble.


Any help or suggestions?

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I have to guess here, which I don't like doing, but I haven't been able to get a copy of Music Lab 10 or ML 10 Premier so here goes.


If your 'update' to Music Lab 10 is a large download, the programmers may well have done the same as they did with Easy Media Creator 10 and just wrapped up a new version installer which is supposed to uninstall the old and then install the new. I would have expected it to read and use your old product key, but who knows what they did this time ??


The 'Critical Update' is an update to the 'Update Manager' which is run by FlexNet Connect, and used by Sonic to offer updates to users of Sonic software. I don't know what this critical update fixes or breaks, yet.

Suggestion: Your Music Lab 10 is of no use to you in its present condition, so uninstall it and try reinstalling the initial program. If the installer will not let you reinstall, go over to the EMC 10 forums and try the 'clean install' method they give there for EMC 10. The method depends on your operating system, Vista or XP.

If the reinstall gets things going again, you can choose whether to try the 'update' once more. If you do and it breaks things, just loop through the clean install again and forget about the 'update'.


I don't know what FlexNet's critical update does, but they pushed it out to all users of the Update Manager.




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