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FAQ: MyTV ToGo isn't automatically finding my PSP/Memory Stick


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MyTV ToGo will automatically find and copy converted TV shows directly to your Memory Stick if it's been formatted with the PSP. You can either connect your PSP directly to your PC via a USB cable and place your PSP in 'USB mode' or you can remove your Memory Stick from your PSP and insert it in a storage card reader (if you have one available).


If MyTV ToGo is not finding your PSP you can check the following:


• Does Windows Explorer find your PSP and is it mapped to a drive letter? MyTV ToGo will not be able to find the PSP if Windows doesn’t find it. Check your PSP settings, make sure it’s in USB mode, and make sure your USB cable is connected to your PC.


• Do the folder MP_ROOT\100MNV01\ and MP_ROOT\100ANV01\ exist on your PSP? If not then you can manually create this folder from Windows Explorer. Right click within your PSP Explorer view, select New, and then select Folder. Note you may need to create both folders. Make sure the MP_ROOT folder is created at the root of your PSP drive letter and the 100MNV01 as well as the 100ANV01 folders are created inside the MP_ROOT folder.

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