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No Drive Detected



I'm using EMC 10 and it worked fine for several months. Now it won't detect my CD/DVD drives and I'm out of ideas. I uninstalled/reinstalled the program, updated the PX Engine and it still won't see my drives. I'm using Windows Vista and it and every other media program I have sees the drives just fine. I'm not sure what happened here but I'd appreciate some ideas here. EMC is or was a great suite but it's severely limited without usable drives. Thanks for your time. :angry:

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You followed these directions and rebooted?


Download: PX Engine 4.10.28a (updated 7.14.08)



To install the PX Engine update:



Download the latest version here to your desktop.

Unzip the file.

Double click the .exe installer and follow the on screen instructions.


Note: The PX Engine installer may require a reboot after installation.


If so and it didn't work open device manager and uninstall the controller the drive is on, reboot and try again.



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#5 is a new updated PX Engine. Made for versions 'Easy Media Creator 7.5 and higher', PX Engine 4.10.28a (updated 7.14.08).



Sorry for the delay, the forum seemed to have been down yesterday morning. I didn't have any luck with this. My problem came when I was doing step 12 and trying to delete the first 2 directories mentioned. It wasn't the instructions, they were thorough and easy to follow. I was denied access for deletion by Vista even though I'm a administrator and changing file ownership and permissions did no good. So I did the next best thing, I renamed the directories. I reinstalled and still no drive detected. Oddly enough when I insert a dvd Roxio Cineplayer opens to play it. Again every other program and utility does see the drives. I'm beginning to think that this is a lost cause.


Thanks for the help.

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