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Nothing to do with where I posted



Hello. I have read through topics that concern the DL burning issues but have not found anything that would look similar to my case. I have Roxio Creator Basic v.9 that, as I understand, came with my laptop. I am using it for the first time and am trying to make an exact copy of a DL DVD. I have no problem reading the source disk or creating an image file from that disk. However, I am not able to make a copy to a blank DL DVD disk (and I tried several disks from the 5-pack that I bought, so it probably rules out the possibility that something is wrong with the particular disk media; moreover I had no problem copying files to one of the disks from the 5-pack using Windows (Vista Business 32 bit), but I just need an exact copy of the original disk). The problem is that when I insert a blank DL DVD disk the Copy Pane of the program recognizes it as "DVD+R 8.0 GB" but it also says that 2.2 GB are free (while the disk is blank). Even a wierder thing is that the Tools Pane / Disk Information recognizes it as "DVD+R DL, Blank Media". Apparently b/c the Copy Pane sees only 2.2 free GB on the disk it would not make a copy and gives me an error when I press Copy or Burn Image button. I am completely lost. Can you guys please help me with this, b/c I just do not know how to proceed.


ADDED: I have just figured where the 2.2 GB free number came from. I simply had the image file selected in the Burn Image Pane. That was a stupid question of mine as a matter of fact.


Still, when I try to burn the image to a blank disk I get an error:


"There was a problem writing to the disk. You can try again by clicking the Retry Button..."


The details (I have no idea what they mean):


Sense: 05 ASC: 26 ASCQ: 00 (Command BF)










Thus it appears that there is nothing extraordinary w/ the problem that I am having, but any help would still be very appreciated.

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**052600 Invalid field in parameter list, These errors are difficult to specify a cause for. Most of the times the problem is in the system.




Try this because I have never seen your Basic OEM V9.


Click here ( http://imgburn.com/index.php?act=download ) and download the free ' ImgBurn Current version: ' use your ISO image in this small free program to burn to your DL disc. There are how to help section in the ImgBurn forum. Do let us know how you make out!




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