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Can I Fade A Menu Out?



Hi all I read some posts about fading menu's I would like to polish my projects a little...


I have a menu with 6 buttons and when a chapter button is selected I would like the menu to fade

off the screen to the start of the film.


Is this only available in more high end aplications? OR do I have to use some forward thinking and include the menu within the original film to get the fade affect?



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That's a good question. In order to do fades, color changes, zooming and other things you pretty much need key framing abilities. In Sony's DVDa for example I can start with a blank screen then at the first drum beat of my background menu music, I can pop in (make visible) the menu back ground. Then at the second drumbeat I can pop in a button, then on the 3rd drumbeat I can pop in another button... and so on and so on. I can then fade the whole thing out at the end when a button is pressed. But all this is accomplished by keyframing things in and out.


The DVDit manual says nothing about keyframe ability.

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There is a workaround to get a fade-out effect from menue to the selected video.

1. From menue view make screenshots of the menue with each individual button selected.

2. Import the screenshots into your video editing software.

3. Place each screenshot at the beginning of its associated video and add a cross fade.

4. Render these videos and import them into DVDit.

5. Add a chapter mark (for description: chapter x) just after the cross fade (to be used in case you want to use the "Play all" with the help af a playlist).

6. Set the links from the menue to the beginning of the individual video.

7. In a playlist set the start of each video to the chapter mark x, created above.


This allows you to have a cross-fade from menue to the individual video, and to jump across thes cross-fades in case of a "play all" function.


Good luck,


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